Sarah Morgan

Revesby South Public

“Our students were transfixed by the Surfing Scientist! The teachers were immediately won over by Ruben’s natural rapport with the students and his genuine (and contagious) enthusiasm. They were also tremendously impressed by this exhilarating presentation style. What a privilege for our students to encounter such a charismatic, knowledgeable and inspiring male model. His presentation was flawless.”


Leanne Sharpe
Enfield Public

"Ruben Merman was sensational. He had the whole school in rapture, including the teachers. His balance of experiments, safety talks & levels of engagement  were absolutely entertaining & informative. I think he converted many a budding young mind to science  with his show. He was 'brilliant, awesome, exciting and funny' according to just a few children I asked."


Cate Loder

Barker College Junior, Hornsby

“The boys were enthralled and totally focussed. The performance was engaging, informative and lots of fun! Amidst all the fun was a clear message about the scientific process, different types of scientists, what they do and how it is relevant to the world we live in.”


John Griffin-Miller

Barker College Junior, Hornsby

“Students were fully involved and all staff enthralled by presentation. Very impressed , the subject matter was excellent and clearly explained (and) also the manner of the presentation, which had the boys eating out of the presenters hand.”


Marie Hope

Cowan Public

“Fantastic! Kept all children entertained. Great ideas, entertaining – would have him back in a second.”