Kerry Gestier

Kambala Girls School, Rose Bay

“We loved having you with us. Emotion was so much a part of your sessions as you shared what led you to write your books. You helped us affirm why teacher librarians do what we do and we appreciate that enormously.”


Jodie Pascale

Meriden Girls Grammar, Strathfield

"The girls had a ball, they were...affected by your presentation. They enjoyed it so much and it really struck a chord with them. Thank you."


Lisa Turner

Curl Curl North Public

“Brilliant performance. You speak as you write – from the heart. The children were incredibly engaged and all identified with the stories you were telling; either as a victim, bully or bystander.”


Chris Palamara

Father John Thierry Primary, Balmain

"An amazing visit. Your message clearly touched our students.Thank you!"