Frequently Asked Questions

Young Australia Workshop is a Sydney based company producing in-school programmes and theatre productions for schools throughout Australia.
Established over thirty five years ago, it is the largest privately owned management company of its kind in Australasia.

Over fifty performances are available for Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford, Wollongong and Blue Mountains schools. Most programmes tour every term
and it is necessary to contact our office if you are an interstate or rural school to find out what is touring your region.

You may call or e-mail a request for a programme. There are handy email links at the top of each performance page on this web site.

The cost per student ranges from $4.00 (plus GST if applicable) to $10.00 (plus GST), depending on the number of performers.

Every programme has a MINIMUM FEE for a minimum number of students. The cost of the programme is the number of students multiplied by the cost per student. If the number of students is less than the minimum required, then the MINIMUM FEE must be paid. 

Most performances are subject to 10% GST. The GST is paid by the school and not collected from the students. Performers who earn under
$75,000 per annum can nominate whether they are GST registered. There are currently a handful of GST exempt programmes.

The performer issues a tax invoice on the day of the performance via email. We accept payment by cash, cheque and EFT/


It is the responsibility of the booker to organise a purchase order for their performance as required by their account system for any bookings. Purchase orders may be emailed directly to Young Australia Workshop.

A brief email confirmation will be sent to the teacher contact, then up to three confirmation letters with brochures are sent to the school and most performers will contact the school a few days prior to the performance. Once the email and letter confirmation has been sent to you, the booking is fully confirmed in our system. If at any point you decide to cancel a booking, you must follow the CANCELLATION PROCESS as detailed below.


It is a condition of the booking that EIGHT weeks notice in writing is given OR a CANCELLATION FEE applies, which is equivalent to the performance minimum. Once a performance is cancelled a CANCELLATION NUMBER is issued. Without a CANCELLATION NUMBER, the booking is considered to be still standing.


  • Access to the venue is generally 45 minutes before the show.
  • If ‘Teachers Notes’ have been provided, prepare the students with some of the suggested pre-performance activities.
  • All programmes staging requirements vary, but most need a small cleared area (or stage) with chairs or mats set up for the students.
  • A glass of water for the performer is appreciated.
  • Finalise numbers attending so that the TAX INVOICE can be completed and given to the teacher in charge.
  • And finally, enjoy the show!

Working With Children Checks

Please find the details of the Working with Children Checks our performers hold below. As each state has it's own regulation and their own exemption policies - not every performer has a check from every state. 

You can find details of each states exemption policies here.

NSW Working With Children Check

VIC Working With Children Check

WA Working With Children Check

QLD Blue Card

SA Checks and Clearance

NT Ochre Card


Public Liability Insurance

All of our performers have current Public Liability Insurance. Please click here for Policy details (as of 12/04/2019) or contact us directly if you have further questions.